Gemini february career horoscope

Exciting conversations continue to take place on February 7, when Mercury connects with Mars and February 9, when Mercury connects with Uranus some unexpected meetings arrive, too.

Your February 12222 Career Horoscope Is About Collaborating With Like-Minded Groups

Your ruling planet Mercury enters Pisces on February 10, activating the sector of your chart that rules your career, sparking plenty of conversation about your life in public. Unexpected drama, but an exciting new beginning, also comes on February 13 when Mars meets with Uranus—watch for what happens in the groups, clubs, and associations you belong to. On February 14, Mars enters Taurus, winding down your energy—you may find yourself on autopilot, but if you notice yourself checking out often, make sure to get more rest, or at least try to partake in more restful activities, even if getting sleep is difficult.

A creative atmosphere takes place on February 17, as Venus connects with Neptune, and your independent streak shines brightly as the sun connects with Uranus on February When was the last time you went to a party alone?

See what happens if you attend something by yourself—you may meet some very unusual, eccentric, and exciting people. Also on February 18, Venus meets with Saturn, which creates a very grounded and serious energy—Venus is not its usual affectionate self—but this is a brilliant time for reflecting on boundaries and making them known. While the sun and Uranus may introduce you to the strangest person at the soiree, Venus and Saturn have zero qualms about saying no to going home with them!

Gemini Monthly Career Horoscope

Also on February 18, Pisces season begins! The full moon in Virgo, which happens to be a super moon, arrives the next day, on February Pisces season is major for your career, Gemini—however, this full moon demands that you focus on issues at home and concerning family. This is a very powerful time to do energetic cleansing in your space and purge old emotional patterns you developed as coping mechanisms that no longer serve you. If an issue concerning roommates or a landlord has been brewing, it may come to a boiling point. Full moons are all about balance, and this one shows whether your home and family life are in good balance with your career and life in public.

This full moon also finds your ruling planet Mercury meeting with Neptune to open doors to empathic communication, and then with Saturn to create a grounding energy that is very helpful for setting boundaries. Mercury clashes with Jupiter on February 22—an exciting time to discuss things in your relationships and a day packed with plans and negotiations.

Gemini February Monthly Horoscope Predictions | qycuxuqijeqa.cf

In addition to that, Mercury enters dreamy Pisces on Feb. This could feel like a whirlwind of energies, but on a brighter note, there's definitely room for professional growth, and opportunities for long-lasting connections that serve our highest purpose.

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This is your time to shine, Aries. Gorgeous Venus is sprinkling her charms over your tenth house of career, and you're making a great impression on your superiors this month. You're expanding your horizons, and taking the risks needed in order to succeed. Do you want to be an entrepreneur, Taurus?

Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. This is great energy for publishing, too! You're a multifaceted being, and there's really nothing you CAN'T do.

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You might actually surprise yourself this month. However, make sure you listen to your intuition while you're at it. You're strictly business this year, Cancer. So much so, you've wasted no time dwelling, and you're finally confident enough to make the solid connections you deserve.

Out with the old, in with the new.

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  6. There's no better feeling than doing what you love more than anything in the world, right? Well, this is your chance to create a positive work environment for yourself, Leo.

    You're in the driver's seat. Don't bother fussing over the details, Virgo. This month is about owning your individual truth, and materializing with your creative projects. Don't look back, you're not going that way. You've really tapped into your creative expression this past year, and this is your moment of glory, Libra.

    Your ruling planet Mercury is busy this month!

    Working from home is most definitely an option, so don't give up just yet. You're not big on communicating, but you're finally finding the courage to express all that's been brewing in your mind. That being said, don't hesitate on networking with your local community, Scorpio. You get what you give, and you're finally being compensated for all of your hard work. If you're not being financially compensated, then you're finally owning your self-worth.