February 6 astrology tlc

A creative venture is proving to be much more time consuming than you had imagined. Instead of running away from the project, try a different technique to achieve artistic success. Try to use the less logical and more intuitive part of your mind to elevate your artistic style. You have the power and potential to harvest your visions into reality.

As long as you trust your instincts and look within, success is yours. Meditate on the task at hand to gain insight into the proper direction. The answer is within. Your views are shifting now, causing you to change your perspectives on matters. Your newly found charisma will allow you to build your self-esteem and embrace your awesomeness—one step at a time. The New Moon will also force you to call upon your ancestors for guidance, as they can give you clarity on present matters. Look within yourself and to the past for the answers you are searching for.

Your spirit and positivity will grow. Most importantly, you will transform the faith you have for yourself and the future. Your ancestors are lighting the way for you to evolve. Your competitive spirit may be high this week, causing you to say unkind words about a colleague. Instead of working against others, consider working with them to create the ultimate vision. Put your hang-ups aside and be a team player.

No more egocentric pursuits, until you learn to collaborate with your coworker. Romance is always on your mind these days. Focus on your immediate needs and then your relationship to avoid personal issues. All the ups and downs have taken a toll on your emotions, leaning you energetically depleted.

Instead of letting your anxieties consume your mind, try to zen out for at least one minute during the day. Resting your brain for a short period of time can curve stresses from forming and can also give you a temporary energy boost. Also, try changing your breathwork. Alternate nostril and diaphragm breathing can help reduce anxiety and will perk you up in no time. But, this week you are taking back your power and crown as the ultimate force to be reckoned with. Some people have let you down and others have surprised you with their loyalty. Have an open talk with those who have fallen short of your expectations.

Give them an opportunity to show you they can make amends with you before you let go of the relationship. Connect with your coven this week to celebrate the New Moon.

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Discuss your relationship goals and set intentions to embrace the current lunar energy. Be one with the universe. You are all stronger together and have the power to manifest your dreams into reality. Embrace the lunar vibrations and speak from the heart in a moon circle gathering. You are known for your stellar work ethic and determination. The best celestial advice for you is to embrace your decisions. When the going gets tough, you have enough spunk to brush yourself off and start over. Your ability to resurrect yourself out of bad situations will enable the world to see your inner strength and spirit.

February 6 Zodiac - Full Horoscope Personality

Change is here and will help you become the person of your dreams even if it takes time to achieve your goals. Make a list of your passions and desires under the New Moon to ensure success. You can transform your life. Others are gaslighting you and making you think that situations are not as they seem—when they are.

Learning to trust your own judgement is challenging when others make you disbelieve your heart and mind. But, through mediation and journal writing, you will be able to lean into your intuition, as you will be sharpening your brain. Also, try to remember your dreams. Your subconscious mind holds the key to understanding present situations.

Ground your energy and live in the present to unlock the divine intuition within yourself. The Harvest Moon is here and that means summer is almost at a close. Under this luminary, we will embrace the beginning of a new season which will happen shortly , while releasing old and stagnant emotions. The Harvest Moon is a fruitful and productive time for us all to take stock of our dreams and desires. A mystic rectangle occurs when there are two oppositions and a soft aspect like a trine or sextile giving these cosmic connections energy. In this case, the Sun and the Moon are in opposition just as Mars and Neptune are in opposition.

We are now celestially encouraged to fight for our dreams—even if it means tearful endings along the way. The Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mars, and Neptune are all tightly locked together in a few T-Squares, which may make us fearful of saying goodbye to our old selves. No matter what size the Full Moon is, we will always feel the maximum affects. Allowing ourselves time and patience today will be beneficial. Also, we must embrace her beauty. Others may try to bring us down by projecting their negative emotions onto us, but with the proper magical remedy our bodies and minds can disconnect from their energy.

Energize water under the Moon, allowing it to absorb the lunar vibrations. If you cannot make Moon Water, regular bath water is fine. Add Himalayan salt or regular salt to a bath for cleansing. Add the milk to the warm water to the bathtub.

February 6 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

The milk will help detox your body. Add chamomile to the bath to calm your anxieties and nerves. Add fresh lavender or lavender oil to the bath in order to destress the body. Place the amethyst crystal on your crown chakra. Think of circumstances and people in your life who are projecting their issues onto you. Breathe in and out. As you exhale, imagine their negativity leaving your body, like a string pulling their energy out from within you.

Mediate for 15 minutes in the bath. As the water washes away and cleans your energetic field, you will begin to feel at peace and grounded in yourself without the buildup of toxicity. The Hoodwitch. Read More Info. Healing with Mercury RX.

Written by Bri Luna On October 31, Written by Bri Luna On October 30, Written by Bri Luna and Lisa Stardust In the essence of spooky season, we broke down some of the most horrific dating stories by zodiac sign the sun sign of the date, not the one telling the story. From our poling, we found the craziest, scariest, and most absurd stories experienced by The Hoodwitch followers. October 27th brings an intense New Moon our way in transformative Scorpio. During this luminary, we will be morally tested by the universe to make karmic decisions that will have a major impact on our lives.

We will be given the chance to choose between our higher and lower energetic vibrations to make honorable choices. Written by Bri Luna On October 22, Your horoscopes and witch tips for the week ahead! Written by Bri Luna On October 16, Written by Bri Luna On October 9, Written by Bri Luna On September 28, Aries March 21 - April 19 This week will bring out your defensive nature. Leo July 23 - August 22 Your competitive spirit may be high this week, causing you to say unkind words about a colleague.

For life, they develop a special view of the world, they strengthen the spirit and are not able to reconcile with many things. For this reason, they are not the bosses of the bosses, nor do they make good friends with people who have achieved much in a doubtful and rather vague way.

Everything they do is painted with a strong need for autonomy, which is not an advantage in group work, a company or a larger collective. Aquarius especially those with a sign in Aquarius at some moments can especially flicker, far away from the others and really do a lot. Unfortunately, they do not have a strong strategy and will, nor are they willing to go to the end at all costs.

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This is especially reflected in creators and artists. Although they do not show an exaggerated desire for achievement, Aquarius is difficult to tamper with and, as a rule, provide strong resistance when compulsion, domination or strict rules are imposed. Although it is widely said that Aquariums are fighting for human rights, it would be best to let them create their own future.

Aquariums are capable of creating a new world, new trends, initiators of many movements, able to connect incompatible things and understand the events that will come many years later. Their lives are filled with constant changes, breaks and struggles for a better future. They are convinced that the world will one day be much better, happier, and people unselfish, full of love, tolerance and understanding. Aquarius is generally not greedy and greedy. Although Saturn is ruled by the sign of the Capricorn and the sign of Aquarius, there is a big difference in the basic nature of these two signs.

Aquarius rarely falls low because of work, money, social status and status.

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  5. If it happens that they do not achieve the things they dreamed about for their lives and their happy star never shines, they know that they are pulling, isolating, isolating and becoming weird. Aquariums have the most intense feeling for people and I can best understand how much the world means style, understanding, tolerance and kindness.

    Aquarius is also found in technical sciences, cybernetics, nuclear physics, inventing, energy, electronics, aviation, internet technology. If they are interested in medicine, it would be good to try out neurology, homeopathy, and psychotherapy. People who are born on February 6 th have something in common with the rest of Aquariums. They all have the same birthstone, lucky colors and numbers. Their lucky color so blue green, which symbolizes maternity and balance. Besides that, grey and navy blue are also their lucky colors. Their lucky day is Tuesday and their lucky numbers are 10, 4, 3, 21 and You may refocus on a personal project, or feel blessed with the courage to make a bold choice.

    Taurus — A breakthrough regarding a home or family project may arrive around February 3. This will be a lovely time to spend big on a renovation, redecoration or move. Progress regarding a work project or a salary discussion is possible later in the month. A conversation or development around February 5 may need to be revisited after February Gemini — You have the support of Venus and Mars in Pisces to help you push ahead with a professional dream.

    A show of leadership or initiative can help you make a favourable impression. Special dates for a positive impression at work include February 2, 8 and A teaching, training, writing or communication project may receive extra attention under the Full Moon on February 3. This will be a wonderful month for pursuing a writing or publishing goal. An honest conversation early in the month can lead to a commitment or firm plan in a close relationship around February Cancer — Finances will be in focus.

    Under the Full Moon on February 3 you may receive a lucrative offer which will boost your income, or decide to push ahead with a new budget strategy.


    February 6 Birthday Horoscope

    You may receive financial support from an unexpected source. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius indicates attention to detail regarding any contract or paperwork will pay off. If extra time to review the fine print is required, take it. New enthusiasm for your career may emerge once Mars enters Aries on February Take on a new professional challenge, or if you want a career change, look for new work.

    Leo — Early February can be a truly stellar time. You may attract positive attention, or find others are willing to put your needs first. A personal indulgence may be in order, especially if you have a recent achievement to celebrate. Close relationships may be in flux, thanks to Mercury retrograde, but any miscommunication can be resolved in the second half of the month.

    February 20 may bring a romantic promise or fresh start. A commitment made then will last. Venus and Mars in Pisces may encourage discussions around money, especially in a close relationship, about an investment or regarding the best way to pay for a shared goal.

    Virgo — Your attention and energy may swing between creating space for rest and relaxation, while also making time for important commitments in a close relationship or key business partnership. The Leo Full Moon will highlight health and wellbeing, so if you can take a break do so. You may prefer to escape, or step out of the limelight, especially early in the month. Venus and Mars work together to bring romance, affection and passion into your life.

    A close relationship may take a big step forward. On the home and family front, a discussion around logistics or details can be resolved around February 20, at which time you may finalise your decision regarding a move, renovation or DIY project. Libra — You may make a stellar impression at a social or work function, especially early in the month.

    The lucky Leo Full Moon February 3 will emphasise your 11th House, highlighting the supportive role community can play. If you have a dream project, career goal or personal passion you want to move forward with, discuss your aspirations with those around you. Support may come from an unexpected but well-connected source. A difference of opinions with a sibling may need to be discussed in depth. Avoid making judgement until you have all the facts. Health wise, Venus and Mars in Pisces may inspire you to resurrect a neglected wellness ritual. Motivate yourself with a new workout outfit, or invest in a consult with a trainer or naturopath.

    You may hit a professional high, be considered for an industry award or receive recognition for a job well done. If a celebration is called for, splurge on the very best you can afford. This exceptionally lucky — and potentially lucrative — combination is rare so make the most of it. Job hunting? Promote your talents wide and far. An international opportunity, one that involves study or travel, may arrive. Plans regarding your home or family may be in flux. If so, try to delay any major decisions until after Mercury turns direct, on February Sagittarius — Travel, adventure, discovery, learning, study, teaching and writing are highlighted by Jupiter in Leo until August, but this month may bring an exciting invitation or opportunity.

    Take advantage of any chance to get out of your comfort zone and learn or see something new. Doors will open for you easily, so your initial efforts can lead to a large scale project. On the home front, Venus and Mars join forces in Pisces until February 20 which may inspire you to add beauty to your home, or finally push forward on plans for a decorating project or maintenance matter.

    Capricorn — A financial breakthrough may be possible early in February as the light of the Leo Full Moon can bring new information or clarity about a family finance, tax or investment matter.