16 december daily horoscope

The moon is in Aries today.

Remember, nobody can make you feel blindsided without your permission. The truth has been in front of you all along. See the situation for what it is.

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While the rest of the crew is complaining about having too much on their plate, you perfect that elusive work-life balance. Zen looks good on you, Gemini. So does taking time off to nurture your own garden, whether it is a simple mani-pedi ritual or a chakra healing session. Being in a good space mentally helps you be the most creative and productive version of yourself.

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  4. Now is the time to put rest and rejuvenation on the top of your list. We live in a vibrational Universe, Leo. What you put into the cosmos is what you attract. In other words, your beliefs shape your reality. Food for thought: which are the negative thought patterns that are keeping you from manifesting your best life? Life is a struggle only if you make it out to be.

    Daily Horoscope December 16, 2016: Libra

    See the miracles that transpire when you offer this self-negating belief to the fire. Trust that good things will flow easily into your life. Cosmic tip: Circumstances are aligning for you rather than against you. Create space for the good stuff to flow. The challenges may or may not have changed, but your response to them certainly has. Your core remains unchanged.

    December 16 Birthday Astrology

    Practicing a certain degree of detachment will better equip you to deal with the shift. Cosmic tip: Looking at the same problem with fresh eyes is the true sign of evolution. Oh hello, Queen Bee!

    Your social life is where the action is this weekend. This is the season to expand your social circle and make new connections. Alternatively, you could play hostess with the mostest and get all the people you love together. Delays are not denials, Scorpio. Faith is your magic word. The miracle is right here and in this moment.

    Today's Birthday

    Focusing on the good in your life will instantly shift your vibration, making you a magnet for both abundance and love. We're all perfectly imperfect, Sagittarius. Acceptance is a gift that will both heal and transform your relationships. Cosmic tip: Acceptance is a gift that will both heal and transform your relationships. People come. People go.

    Daily Horoscope for Wednesday, October 9, | Georgia Nicols

    Those who are meant to stay will always find a way. Today brings with itself a reminder on the bonds you want to nurture. The moon is in fellow fire sign Aries today, Sagittarius, bringing plenty of fun and flirtation your way! Venus and Saturn connect this morning, helping you sort out financial issues.

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    The moon in Aries finds you focused on your home and family life today. However, forward motion takes place in your social life and within the groups and associations you work with, as sweet Venus connects with your ruling planet Saturn this morning. The moon is in Aries today, bringing plenty of conversation your way. Venus connects with one of your ruing planets, Saturn, making this a solid time to discuss plans and commitments. The moon is in your sign today, Aries, asking you to feel your feelings—and tend to them!

    You do everything speedily, but need to slow down for your own sake. Important plans are made today.

    Daily Horoscope December 16, 2018 (Bhavishyavani): Know how your day will unfold today

    The moon in Aries finds you eager to move toward your career goals. The moon is in fellow fire sign Aries today, Leo, encouraging you to keep an open mind—just watch out for some scheduling frustrations this afternoon! Solid plans ands ideas are shared today, Virgo.